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Brenlee Rempel

Brenlee Rempel

Level 2
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Certified personal trainer, Older adult, Weight training, Fitness theory, Group fitness - BCRPA

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First Aid & CPR/AED level C - Red cross

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Jun - 2023
Client reviews (1)

Lara BernersLara Berners

Thu Oct 20 2022

Brenlee was amazing, really knowledgable. I have an illness and an injury that affects my personal training and she did extensive research before our session to insure I was able to do the session, enjoy it and come out of it without a flare up or injuring myself more. This immediately put me at ease training with her as I have never had a trainer in the past go to those lengths. Was above and beyond. The session was great, she pushed me enough in a nice way so that I got good results and I felt I had really achieved something after the session without it being too much. Great balance! She really explains how to do exercises and how they should feel so you know if you are doing them correctly or not. Which is so important with remote training. In addition to all of this she is a really nice person and keeps the conversation flowing in a natural way so you feel like you are at the gym with a friend rather than someone going through the motions with you. Great Trainer! I will definitely continue training with her.