It’s natural that some questions come up when we face a new service like Happy Trainers. Here are some common questions that almost everyone has in mind.

1. How are the trainers chosen?

Choosing the trainers on Happy Trainers is based on documents and certifications. But the trainers’ resume is of great importance as well. First and foremost, we get their certifications and resumes. Then we’ll have an interview with them and trainers should produce a demo video and introduce themselves. During the interview, we find out whether they have a good and eloquent speech or not. So their performance is important for being chosen as well. Moreover, the instructors must be energetic.

2. What factors define the rating and price of each personal trainer?

The number of a trainer’s stars is based on the views of professionals at first, and is a significant factor that determines each coach’s session price. After that, based on each trainee’s review and rating about their coach, the number of trainer’s stars gets higher or lower. Pay attention. If the rating of a trainer gets lower and lower, they would be removed from Happy Trainers. Each star affects the price of the related trainer directly. The trainees have the fortune as Happy Trainers have done the most important parts of each trainer’s evaluation before trainees choose one of them.   

3. What should we do in order to book a personal trainer?

It’s better to sign up at first so that you can put your review under your trainer’s profile or book a personal trainer. After signing up, go to the main page of Then you can see the “choose” box. When you click on the “choose” three options will come up; “personal trainers”, “strength trainers”, and “weight loss trainers”. You can choose each of them based on your purpose.

4. Have the certifications of the coaches been checked? Are the instructors trustworthy?

We have already checked all the criteria that a personal trainer needs, and we do our best to provide you with the best trainers. We try to check all the factors and create the best classes of which you can take the most. We must say that the trainers and clients have accepted the terms of service. But the thing is a coach might cancel a session. Apart from that, trainees might be injured during the workouts. There might also be a trainer who has forged their certification or they might do any other things that is not a professional behavior. In any case, we do not take any responsibility and you and your trainer are the ones who should take all the responsibility according to the terms of service.


Note: current reviews under each trainer’s profile only belong to their real clients. It means that there is no fake comment and no spam! You can completely trust the comments.