Absolute Beginners; Cardio And Strength Training Workout For Seniors

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Exercise can help you be alive and kicking. No matter how old you are. Even if you are one of the senior citizens, you can go for exercising. You might be thinking that you’re new to exercising. It’s Ok, and no need to worry. You might want to have training for weight loss, which leads to effective weight loss. You can even think of cardio and consistent strength training for seniors. You can do it in a safe, comfortable place. 

 Cardiovascular fitness declines when you are aging. Consistent strength training can help prevent your cardiovascular health from receding. These activities can both improve mobility and balance. Activities differ from walking to dancing. The exercises even include aerobic exercise or jogging, cycling, swimming, yoga, etc. all these can control body weight.

 You don’t have to have any special equipment to do the activities. You can even do them at home or with the help of a trainer to lower the risk of injury. You can also have your exercise program via video. Let’s take a look at the steps of basic movements in cardio and strength training for seniors.

Any Precautions for absolute beginners?

The elderly need modifications through the workout for seniors. The movements should be modified according to the seniors’ needs. Their body movements are so sensitive. The training workout should be under the supervision of a trainer as well. They’ll also provide you with a proper exercise technique. In this way, your body will have a proper form. Beginner workout programs apply to them. Before you go, you need to check everything with your personal trainer. After that, you can do these exercises as everyday activities.

 It would help if you had stability. So, you should work out in a place that has enough room. There also needs to be a non-slippery surface. It will reduce the risk of falls and also the risk of fractures. A sticky mat or a carpet might be a good choice. Moreover, wear supportive shoes. Besides, drink plenty of water and have a towel with you.

Finally, don’t go beyond. Start with simple movements. When you have just started out, you don’t need to strain. Ensure you’re not short of breath and pay attention to your heart rate and any pain symptoms like chest pain. Your health status and range of motion are essential. Besides, your bone density condition is essential.

An absolute beginner is using a ball to exercise
An elderly man using a ball for training

Equipment you need

There are many things you can have without having to search a lot. Bear in mind that any physical activity you do should be confirmed with your trainer. Physical activity for seniors needs to be modified. Throughout the physical activity, keep your core tight. Make your body ready. And there we go. First things first, there should be a warm-up and basic stretch. Also, the equipment they use is something the trainer suggests. Here is a list of possible things you might need;

  1. Hand weights

Training with weights is good. Just start with lighter weights to minimize risk factors such as the risk of injury. Heavier weights might cause an injury. It’s better not to have barbell weight training programs for the elderly. Beginner barbell weight training might be suggested by a trainer, though.

2. Resistance Bands

These resistance bands are light and easy to carry, which makes them a perfect choice for exercises for seniors. These bands for seniors are strong and can be utilized for body strength.

3. Exercise Ball

Take it if your trainer recommends it. It’s a good tool that improves balance and can be used in your exercise program.

4. A Light Dumbbell

It’s a perfect thing for you. A light dumbbell can help you with strength workouts.

5. A Sturdy Chair

It’ll give you support. They can even be used for a chair push-up. Even though a regular push-up or a wall push-up is not usually recommended in exercise for seniors.

Two female and male seniors are exercising together
Seniors using resistance bands for resistance training

Cardio And Strength Training For Seniors; Why

Cardio workouts are as important as strength training sessions. We are going to discuss the strength training program as well as cardio workouts. Consistent strength training improves muscle strength in seniors. Cardio workouts benefit your heart. Don’t stop yourself from exercising if you needn’t have any special equipment. Use something like a can or water bottle that will work your muscle tissue. Moderate repetitions can increase muscle mass. You don’t have to get resistance training, so you can simply exercise without special equipment.

Cardio Workouts Boost Your Heart Health

No matter if you are old or young. You can raise your heart rate with simple steps.  in cardiovascular fitness. If you have just started exercising and want to go for cardiovascular fitness, you first need to start with an easy physical activity to build stamina. Once you’ve made it, you can go for an endurance exercise. If you’re not sure about your health status, you can consult with a health professional before you start. In this way, your physical health will be guaranteed. You should modify exercises for seniors based on their fitness level. The elderly can also do a cardiovascular exercise using cardio machines, ellipticals, rowing machines, spinning cycles, treadmills, etc.

Also, as we said in Personal trainers for seniors, a must their endurance, for example, muscular endurance should be examined. Plus, the range of motion should be checked. Also, in that article, there are some essential exercises related to aerobics and cardiovascular fitness for seniors. They can do it 3 to 5 times per week based on their need. Workout per week will help the elderly have a healthy heart. We can add more exercise for seniors. Here’s a list;

  Walking And Cycling

You can do these exercises on a cardio machine or outside. They are both perfect for cardiovascular fitness. They can be amongst your everyday activities. These essential exercises. They can even improve your muscle strength since leg muscles are involved. Physical activity per week will help the elderly manage their body weight as well. You can walk in the nature. Also, you can walk in the water to soothe your joints. 


It’s a perfect activity for cardiovascular fitness since it can control your heart rate. Dance, be happy and have a strong heart. It also involves your upper body muscles as well as your leg muscles.


It keeps your core tight. Again, it involves your upper body. Plus, it’s an excellent physical activity for your muscle strength.

A Senior trainer is jogging
A senior is walking to improve his heart health

Additional video 

There’s this Angie Miller video demonstration of cardiovascular fitness and strength exercises. The video has four parts beginning with a warm-up. Then, there are 22 minutes of heart-related moves or a cardio portion. After that, there are 24 minutes of strength training program. Finally, there’s a relaxing 5-minute stretch. The type of activity chosen for the elderly has been modified. Angie Miller says, “Everybody’s movements are different because they respond to exercise differently, so go at your own pace.”

When we move, it inspires us to keep moving because exercise makes us feel good.” As a senior, you should experience the benefits of exercise

Angie Miller

Strength Training Sessions Strengthen Your Body

Basic strength is a must for the elderly. They need proper strength training as well as adequate strength training. Strength training can reduce risk factors. They need to rest between strength sessions. It’s actually like resistance training making your muscles stronger. Muscle strength will help you do daily tasks better as your muscle tissue is more robust. Cardio and strength training workout can reduce many risks that are hidden in seniors’ bodies as absolute beginners.  

 We have talked about equipment earlier. Don’t start with heavier weights. Do a physical activity with lighter weights. Lighter weights such as dumbbells and barbells can be used instead of heavier weights. Weight training can be a part of strength training. It doesn’t mean that you should do it like an athlete. You can use lighter weights instead of heavier weights. Dumbbells and barbells can be used as well. You can use implement a type of strength training that you like. First, you need to warm up. Then, go for the strength training exercise, and finally cool down. Here’s a list of possible strength exercises for seniors. Pick up a form of strength training if you can’t do them all.

  • Bridge; Lie on your back and bend your knees. Engage your core and lift your hips and form a bridge.
  • Basic squat; Be in this position. Have your dumbbells or light weights next to your side. Face forward your toes, knees, and hips. You should keep your weight in heels.
  • sit-up; Have a mat extend your arms and legs.
  • Jog in place; Do it with high knees in place. It’s good if you don’t want to move a lot.
  • Midback extension; Lie with your face down. Lift abs and then slide your shoulders down the back. Your upper body is involved.

The Benefits Of Cardio And Strength training Workouts

  • Decreases risk of falls and risk of fractures
  • Reduces body fat
  • Decreases risk of injury
  • Increases bone density

Final Words

Absolute beginners; cardio and strength training for seniors is a program that helps the elderly progress gradually and steadily. The benefits of strength training are a lot. Consistent strength training and cardiovascular exercises can reduce risk factors such as the risk of falls and risk of fractures. The type of strength training depends on strength levels. Pay attention to basic strength training rules.

Physical activity controls your body weight and is suitable for weight management. Moreover, it’s like active recovery. Plus, it improves your muscular endurance and makes your muscles stronger. So, it’s perfect for muscle strength. Just rest between sessions. Primarily, you should rest between strength training sessions. You can easily make strength training fun.

These exercises can be among your daily tasks. You can do them with elementary facilities such as light weights, an exercise ball, dumbbells, etc. The selection of weights is of great importance.

Just don’t forget. Modify the exercises based on the elderly’s fitness level. To avoid getting tired, the repetition range of doing activities is significant. Also, don’t use heavier weights. In all the steps of cardio and strength training for seniors, a correct exercise technique should be implemented. A poor exercise technique can cause pain symptoms or other problems. Also, correct repetition of workouts should be controlled by a health professional.


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