3 Reasons You Need a Personal Trainer To Lose Weight

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A personal trainer will be the biggest cheerleader on your weight loss journey. Finding a personal coach who holds you accountable will be the best investment you’ll ever make. Their expertise, support, and advice are essential to staying consistent and avoiding injury.

Most people believe that hiring an online personal trainer is something only professionals do. Is one-on-one coaching really worth it for someone who simply wants to lose weight? Getting a personal coach is beneficial for many reasons. Here are some reasons whether we need an online personal trainer to lose weight or not. Let’s jump in with both feet.

Counting Calories

Indeed, you’re not the only one whose waistline hasn’t been mesmerized by the pandemic. One study suggests that American residents gained an average of two pounds a month during the 2020 shelter-in-place orders. Most of us are becoming more active today, but if shedding fat is a goal of yours, there are a variety of exercises you can try to watch weight. 

There’s no doubt you’ve heard the saying that losing weight requires a calorie deficit. 3,500 calories equal one pound. It is essential not only to eat fewer calories but also to exercise regularly. No matter what kind of workout you prefer or whether you’re ready to take on the gym again, there’s something for everyone here.

The Role of Personal Trainer in Getting Lean

You don’t have to worry about an online trainer pushing you so hard that you nearly collapse. Despite some trainers’ desire to inflict “tough love,” the majority assist clients in achieving fitness goals without threatening them.

To get the most out of online coaches concerning workouts for weight loss, you must clearly understand what they can do for you and what you should do.

What Personal Trainers Do

Fitness is what personal trainers do. They know how to burn belly fat and build muscle. In addition, they help you learn about things like:

  • Exercises that will assist you achieve goals.
  • Safe methods for creating individualized holistic plans
  • Making the most of your gym equipment
  • To reach specific fitness goals.
  • Customizing workouts for injuries and limitations
  • Adapting a workout plan to individual needs, muscle mass, and body composition
  • That personal training is reserved for athletes is a myth. You can rely on online personal trainers at every stage of reaching your fitness goals.

How to Drop Belly Fat with Personal Trainers?

Muscle gain and shedding fat require a great deal of commitment – and not just during the personal training session. Even though strength training, cardio, and yoga can help shape your body and mind, you also need to ensure you get enough sleep and eat a healthy, sustainable diet. It’s especially true if you’re trying to shed fat quickly.

Don’t forget: Lowering your body-fat percentage and losing weight takes time, so be patient and give it some time. 

·         Cut Back on Your Calorie Intake.

Despite the fact that you already know this to be true, many people overlook the impact of making simple changes. A general weight loss program involves eating less than you burn each day. This means that you will lose weight if you consume fewer calories. No snacking between meals is necessary. Between those clean meals, the body will burn off excess fat and stored energy. Reduce calorie intake.

·         Cut Back On Your Sugar Intake.

On the way home from picking up your child from school, you feel angry and hungry simultaneously. Hangry! 

Now what? Personal trainers say processed foods tend to be the quickest and easiest solution for many overworked individuals. The first step is reducing sugar consumption for those trying to improve our health. We tend to consume plenty of processed foods that are quick to prepare and easy to eat. Sadly, most of these food options are packed with empty calories, most commonly sugar or a derivative. If you want to shed pounds quickly, choose diet foods packed with nutrients.

·         Exercise At Least 30 Minutes a Day.

Those lean muscles won’t appear unless you work hard for them. To see results, you do need to prioritize daily fitness, even if you don’t go overboard. Thirty minutes of strength training and 30 minutes of cardio daily are ideal. Still not convinced? Rethink this: workouts with additional KGs burn more calories than basic cardiovascular exercises.

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·         Water Is Good For You.

Take a drink whenever you think of it during or between meetings, whenever your alarm goes off, whenever your desk clock goes off. Happy trainer coaches say water is an internal flushing system since it helps remove waste and build-up from our bodies. The recommendation is to drink 64 ounces of water every day for two weeks. Drink 8 ounces warm water with lemon as soon as you wake up and right before you go to bed. The foods will break down more easily, and you’ll flush out toxins in the bathroom. 

·         Sleep Well.

If you feel like watching one more episode of your favorite TV show before work and going to the gym, you may end up doing more harm than good. When you are logged enough hours in bed, your body will return the favor twofold in the form of your physique. Sleeping well allows your body to regenerate, build, restore muscles, and burn more calories during your workout.

Online Personal Trainer; To Be or Not To Be?

You are not going to lose weight by hiring a fitness trainer. Despite their usefulness, coach in person are not likely to help you in the long run if your ultimate goal is sustainable decrease in body weight. Even the best trainers cannot make you lose weight, as their goal is not getting thin.

An online trainer won’t help you lose weight for two significant reasons. Firstly, these master trainers focus only on workouts, which are not the most critical part of losing weight. Only 20% of your weight loss results come from exercise routine, while 80% comes from what you eat. As a result, hiring a trainer will not help you lose weight since you only address 20% of the problem. If you don’t correct your diet, no amount of training can help you lose weight, regardless of how good your trainer is.

When a diet plan is given, it is usually a piece of paper that outlines every single thing you are supposed to eat. A piece of paper cannot be followed for the rest of a person’s life, and this is not a sustainable practice. 

The best way to lose weight is to design your program where you choose the foods since it is much more flexible and can be sustained for a long time. It may be possible for you to follow a piece of paper diet prescribed to you short-term, but it is not feasible in the long run. 

Second, it can be problematic when you hire a personal coach because you rely on them to help you achieve your goals. As soon as you stop taking private training sessions, you will not be motivated to go to the gym on your own anymore. When you have an online trainer forcing you to go to the gym, it is tough to transition to working out alone, which is why many people give up on their gym routine altogether. 

Moreover, hiring a trainer to accompany you to the gym for every training session is very expensive, and going on your own can provide you with similar results without the high cost of a trainer.

Your workouts will become much more flexible and sustainable if you learn to get into a gym routine on your own. Rather than following your trainer’s schedule, you can create a routine that works for you. Depending on your plan, you’ll be able to stick to this routine over the long term.

In conclusion, there are two big reasons you shouldn’t hire a trainer to help you lose weight: their focus on workouts and your dependence on the trainer. You don’t have to rely on a trainer to help you achieve your goals so that you can focus on your diet and workouts equally. You will likely succeed in your diet if you don’t rely on anyone else and take charge of your goals.

However, there are also more good reasons why do you need a coach in person to lose weight. Let’s dive in!

3 Main Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

There are many reasons why people ask online personal trainers to give them a hand in losing weight. An experienced trainer can be an excellent resource for anyone who wants to lose weight, get in shape, or simply requires additional accountability.

However, some people are hesitant about investing in online coaches. There can be a cost issue, and some people may feel intimidated when working with a pro. However, certified fitness professionals are trained to work with clients from all backgrounds and fitness levels. They can also work out packages for an affordable price. Below are reasons to hire a personal trainer. You can also watch this YouTube video to find the answer to the question that why hire a personal trainer.

A Personal Trainer Might Be Necessary If

A personal trainer will give you some hints in finding the correct posture, the right way to do exercises, and how to achieve your goals. You’ll need a personal trainer if . . .

1.      You Aren’t Sure Where To Begin.

Most of us are not born knowing how to exercise or design a comprehensive exercise program that features cardio, strength training, and flexibility training, and what exercises to do for each. In some cases, facing the task seems so overwhelming that no action is taken.

2.      You Are Concerned about Belly Fat.

Despite the simplicity of losing weight, some workouts work better than others. Your body, limitations, and lifestyle play a part in what works best. To maximize the success of your belt tightening efforts, your online trainer can create an individualized plan.

3.      Make Sure You Do It Right

The gym is a great place to try new things! If exercises aren’t done correctly, they can actually cause harm. Trainers can help you stay safe and competent while exercising. In this way, you will get the most out of your workouts.

Other reasons you may need a personal coach to help you for shedding your fat include: 

  • You lack motivation
  • Want to go further with your training
  • You’re rehabbing from an injury
  • You are too tired and bored to make a training plan

The Best Personal Trainers

Our personal experience shows that having the right trainer can make all the difference in the world. You don’t want to spend 6+ months in a gym with a trainer (and thousands of dollars) only to see your weight drop and realize that you haven’t made any progress. This is the worst.

You may need to ask yourself a question before hiring online coaches: do they match your goals? Yep, we’ll need to set some goals before anything else!

·         Set What Is the Final Result You Want.

Choosing your goals is the first step, and then you can determine whether your personal trainer is the right fit for you. It is possible to meet someone amazing but not the right match for you. Marathon runners may not be the best coaches in workouts for slimming down, or vice versa.

So, begin with your goal to find a personal online trainer to lose weight: What is your weight loss goal? Twenty pounds? To lose 10% body fat?

·         Dive into Details!

If you’re intending to hire a coach for melting off, the next step is to have an in-depth conversation. Ensure you fit together before blindly accepting advice from your online trainer!

·         Find Certified Trainers

Training experiences will vary greatly depending on the qualifications and expertise of your trainer. It is essential to keep this in mind while hiring an online trainer.

·         Avoid Being Cost-Based!

It is a disbelief that “more expensive” means “better results.” A cost-based metric is not appropriate. The right metric is value-based. The price you pay is not just for an hour. It’s their years of personal experience, education, training, and expertise you’re paying for. Your money is going to someone who knows what they’re doing regarding fitness questions. Someone who can ensure you’re training correctly. Ultimately, you’re paying for confidence, momentum, and (hopefully) results. 

Benefits of an Online Trainer for Slimming Down

An exercise program with an online trainer will be safer, more effective, and more enjoyable. Besides providing expertise, they also provide accountability and support. When preparing for your big event, a trainer will help you feel more confident. Getting a new trainer might be a good idea if you do not feel your trainer is providing any benefit to you. Online personal training has the following advantages:

·         You Can Schedule Your Time as You Please. 

A personal coach online allows you to fit workouts into your schedule – your coach builds your workout schedule in advance, so you can fit it into your schedule when it is convenient for you.

If you were working with a traditional coach, your schedule would be set by their busy schedule. Conflict occurs when they only have time Friday at 8 am, and you’re not a morning early bird.

·         Global Accountability

Wherever you are in the world, you’ll have access to your online personal trainer. If you work with an online trainer, you can access them from any computer with internet access.

·         Trainers Can Explain the Basics to You.

Among the matters they can spell out are:

  • Offering activities that are suited to your body, schedule, and equipment.
  • Assessing your exercise intensity and determining how hard you should work during exercise.
  • The choice of exercises, weights, reps, and sets.
  • Enhancing your workouts with different tools (such as a heart rate monitor).
  • Make sure you get the most out of your activity while preventing overdoing it.

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Workouts For Weight Loss

These workouts will help you lose weight. Here’s what we’ve learned from discussing with our trainers at Online Weight Loss Coach And Trainer. We have an activity for everyone, whether you prefer to work out outside or feel ready to step back into the gym.

Here’s a list of best workouts for weight loss our personal trainers shared:

  • Jumping Rope
  • Walking
  • Stair climbing
  • Swimming laps
  • Dance
  • Running
  • Mountain climbers
  • Strength workouts
  • Yoga
  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Low-intensity cardio
  • TRX Body-weight Workout
  • Kettle-bell Workout
  • Boxing

Online Personal Trainer to Drop Fat

Do you want a virtual coach who will help you lose weight? Perhaps you are approaching your wedding, or your doctor has advised you to lose weight. Regardless of the reason, you want to lose weight. Here’s a question. “Can I do it on my own?” 

Most of us cannot control our cravings, so it may not be easy. Online weight loss programs can get you where you want to be. These programs keep you motivated and engaged. Furthermore, they implement several techniques to control your eating and lifestyle habits and develop healthy ones. This eliminates bad habits that contribute to weight gain. They will continue to support you after you reach your goal. So, you won’t be left alone. You’ll be on the right track when you work with an online trainer to take off weight. Thus, if you have made up your mind to lose weight, just do it so that you are alive and kicking.

The easiest way to find an online personal trainer is to look at Best Online Personal Trainer. Share your needs and goals; our trainers will help you find what will work for you. Then, get started!

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have questions about working with an online trainer to lose weight or what to look for when working with a coach in person!

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