10 Steps Of Becoming A Personal Trainer

Is it hard to become a personal trainer?
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Is it hard to take the steps of becoming a personal trainer? I was far from the answer I expected to give this challenging question. I can remember those days when I was obese. Overeating, being fat, and many obstacles made my fitness goals some distant dreams. But one of my friends, who is one of those famous fitness professionals, encouraged me to overcome all of those obstacles step by step. From that day onwards, the view of becoming a personal coach with a successful weight loss became more and more evident every day.

Usually, we see the success peak of something. We should know that there are many ups and downs in becoming a coach. You need to stick to your training program. It was so hard in the first steps for me. I’ve found many points in each step that everyone who wants to become a professional coach from zero should know. Put these points into consideration. Follow the story of my efforts to learn more.

The Very First Protocols 

Now that I have reached my fitness goals, I review these protocols every day when I enter my health club. Our suggestion to everyone is to check and tick these protocols every day whether you want to do weight training or prepare study materials as a fitness instructor, or even get a college degree in fitness courses.

  •  Becoming a personal coach needs some qualities, and a person who wants to become a professional trainer should develop them and keep them up to date.
  • The personal training business seems so easy and fun from the outside, but we should know there are some difficulties in becoming a private trainer. Suppose you’ve faced a fitness instructor who trained you to become a personal fitness trainer and don’t feel any problems during fitness sessions. In that case, you are so lucky to meet such a friendly and professional trainer. There is a considerable need to be experienced to teach transferable skills that a personal coach needs.
  • When you become a personal coach – willy-nilly – you’ll become a role model. So, you should be the best version of yourself in such a position.
  • Be aware of all sides like physical, mental, appearance, and what you wear as a coach. They are under scrutiny. Know that you’re someone other people copy their behaviors. Naturally, all of us are affected by life’s ups and downs. But remember that a professional trainer should always have a good mood, especially in their fitness club or exercise programs. The personal qualities of a coach can lead potential clients to both faulty ways of training and the right ways. So, successful trainers are not mood swings. Fitness leaders always pay attention to having a smile on their faces in fitness sessions. Mental health is one of those factors that successful trainers should have.
  • Having high accuracy, full responsibility, and positive and effective interactions are the essential characteristics of successful trainers. Especially in online courses, you should be more active with a high mood than in in-person training sessions because of some limitations.

Is It Hard To Learn Essentials?

You may think that all points that have been mentioned are so hard to do as a personal coach. But the thing is, when you can answer the question, Why should I become a personal trainer? So, everything in this study path became easy and comprehensive. Sometimes education routes show us frustrating parts of themselves. But if we follow a real fitness leader and not a terrible trainer, we could pass those difficulties on the way. Just except these points and experiences, I’ve found out that I should consider these things to become a successful fitness coach in the fitness industry;

1. Personal Training Business

 We have some days per week as business days in every job, so we should consider time-limitation in fitness courses and be careful about our quality of life. A personal training job may motivate you to work more and have a passion for fitness goals as a personal coach, but you should remember that resting is one of the critical factors of a fitness career. Whether you’re running your business or working in a health club, we should take care of other parts of this business, including taxes and insurance you’ve paid. You have to pay the taxes. So, before anything, you should think about this part of your fitness career.

     2. Both Part-Time And Full-Time Job

The excellent point about being a personal trainer is that we can consider it a part-time or full-time job. Many students studying in health-science fields tend to be active as part-time personal coaches. This position can help them experience new study paths in this field and gain some money for their needs.

    3. Learning How To Personalize

Each of us has our destiny on our career path. In a personal training career, it’s an opportunity to gather so much information about many clients’ personalities and use what you’ve known for your future clients. This consideration can make us fitness leaders. You may have seen some potential clients in a health club who are afraid of participating in some practices. In such a situation, when you have information about many body types, you can give them a selection of fitness courses that suit them.

Not just becoming a personal coach should be our desire, but also becoming a fitness mentor could be considered. A fitness mentor should focus on each client and analyze them to find the correct fitness theory.

A female dawn syndrome is working out with her trainer
you can give them a selection of fitness courses that suit them

    4. Facing Fluctuations

 One of those facts in being a personal trainer is fluctuation. Maybe your hours are booked completely. But for other weeks or months, just half of your work hours will be booked by future clients. As successful trainers, we should be aware of this situation and plan to prevent this from happening.

    5. Being Neat And Organized

You’re surrounded by many potential clients who may get inspired by your appearance. These clients are motivated to start their training with you. Having organized progress reports and files of each client means that you’re a neat and organized trainer who cares about their trainee. Having scheduled plans mean you’re always ready for the subsequent training sessions. It’s good to say that nowadays, many online platforms are developed to help fitness leaders to make their training programs organized for every online training class. On the other hand, having a report on these platforms and tools gives trainers a better experience with their clients and training sessions.

    6. The Importance Of Personal Trainer Certification

We all know that having a paper that shows we are professional people in our field is essential. I remember those days when I entered each health club, and each club owner wanted my trainer certification. They knew that I was trained thoroughly both as an athlete and trainer. But this is the law to have something that proves you are a professional in the claiming position. Fortunately, there are many tools and equipment on online training platforms. One of the client-based platforms that demonstrates many necessary parts to clients is HappyTrainers. Also, this website is so friendly for fitness leaders who tend to work in a disciplined online atmosphere. All trainers accepted on HappyTrainers have personal training certification and are famous in their fields. Bear in mind that being certified is not enough to be a professional trainer.

    7. Trying To Be A Multitasker

Go beyond. Just being a role model and repeating some moves is not your duty. There is a considerable need for a multitasker trainer in the fitness industry in Canada or any other country. To make your sessions a challenge for yourself and find the multitasking side of your character, you should consider the steps below;

  • Consider the camaraderie of your class. Each one-on-one or group training session has its atmosphere, and we are multitasking trainers, should give positive energy to them. Sometimes your sessions need to be organized by the clients’ characteristics, age, or even fitness goals that the trainees have.
  • It would be best if you had a vacation even rarely. But when you think many workout plans are waiting for you, the vacation plan will fade. Try to write and set extra exercises for an extended period when you’re away. It would help if you cared about the quality of life.
  • You might be the trainer of a class that aims to make the new trainers ready for a personal trainer certification exam. As a professional trainer, such a situation can allow you to calm the class by combining moves and fitness courses with fun and a little dance. The study method could be the most tedious part of being ready for a practical exam if a personal coach makes other parts of the class fun and attractive.
  • Music is so important. Your duty is not just keeping an eye on the clients’ moves so that they do them correctly. Music can be your assistant as a personal coach should know the kinds of music to lead the activities in the fitness studio or any other type of fitness session. Try it. If you repeat one movement correctly on a particular beat, you will see that your trainees are making that move correctly on the beat when you’re standing away and doing nothing. The powerful mind can match the song and the movements together. Therefore, being a personal coach is not that hard.
Some female trainees are working out with music together
Music can be your assistant in the training session

8. Time To Workout

You’re working out with your trainees during fitness sessions. But it may not be enough for you as an exercise leader. Because of that, I spend the rest of my time before, and after the fitness sessions to workout strength training, jogging, running, and doing some study materials are what I do every day. This famous statement among trainers is that trainers need trainers; there is an absolute need to have a partner for doing your daily workout.

9. The Wages Might Not Be That High

Be Frank with yourself; the fitness industry doesn’t make that much money for you as a trainer. One of those tricky parts of this profession is that you probably won’t be rich as a coach. It’s just your profession that leads you to this field. We can find the average salary or wage of fitness classes through some search. It’s a rewarding career, though.

10. Don’t Forget To Reward The Clients

It’s better not to be always a harsh fitness mentor. As soon as you feel that your trainee is trying so hard, don’t forget to reward them. Encouraging can convey that they are reaching the top of the mountain, especially when there is a challenging weight training program. Satisfying some overweight trainees may motivate them when they are tired of study methods and expert advice. After some sessions, place a practical exam so that the clients don’t think this is a fake reward. After each pound or kilogram they’ve lost, it’s good to remind them to lose weight and encourage them.

The trainer is encouraging the trainee by shaking hand
Don’t forget to reward the clients

Differences Appear

Based on What we discussed, now we can judge by ourselves whether it is hard to take the steps of becoming a personal trainer or not? We have ten facts for analyzing all sides of being a personal coach from the very first steps. You may have seen the fitness leaders who have had some diaries and experiences like what we’ve told. Many coaches had deadly diseases. Being motivated, they could pass all obstacles, though. Finally, see the differences between their past and now. 

Final Word

If you want to take the steps of becoming a personal trainer, you should go through challenges. It’s achievable, but you need to be serious about it. When you put a lot of effort into it, you can get it without a doubt.

Qualifications are of great importance. The more qualified you are, the more successful you’ll get. Plus, you should monitor your clients’ activities. Also, you must be organized and continuously work out to be fit.

Moreover, reward and motivate your clients. Don’t forget. You might not get high wages. You can earn more by having more sessions or full-time training.

Finally, it’s a perfect job, and you can have a lot of fun doing that. You’re always in shape, and you’ll probably have an ideal active lifestyle. Share your comments below if you have any questions.


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