How to become a personal trainer in Canada? Should you get certified?

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This article has been reviewed by certified personal trainer Christopher Stadnik scientifically and practically. 

For other majors, for instance, nursing and accounting, you must be certified. The point is you don’t have to be approved and educated when it comes to personal training. Even if you’re not experienced, you can make it and become a personal trainer in Canada or any other place in the world.

 It’s a perfect opportunity for you. Therefore, you want business development. Meanwhile, it’s good to have personal trainer certifications and pass some courses to be more accomplished. Getting a professional certification won’t be that difficult for you. The clients will find it professional when you have related certifications. Let’s see what credentials and requirements you’ll need as a personal coach.

The way to becoming a personal trainer

  Personal trainers help people achieve their fitness goals on their fitness journey. If you have made up your mind to become a personal trainer, you need to take some steps;

Getting a degree

Mostly, personal trainers have a high school diploma. Some have a college diploma. If you would like to be a credible trainer, having a degree will help you get it. You can stand out from the crowd by getting a degree in one of the following areas;

. Physical health education: You can become knowledgeable in exercise psychology, anatomy, and practical training methods by getting this degree. Personal coaches can be on top of the business as they’ll know much about the basics of teaching fitness to their clients after achieving this degree. 

. exercise science: You’ll cover many subjects such as dieting, exercising, fitness, conditioning, and anatomy after achieving this degree. Once you get this degree, you can recognize injuries. Also, you can avoid clients from getting injured. Moreover, you will assist trainees in conditioning their bodies.

. Kinesiology: This subject is the study of body movements. When you’re a kinesiologist, you’ll use movement knowledge and human physiology to improve the quality of life through a specific exercise technique. Plus, the patient’s mobility will be regained. After completing this degree, fitness coaches can avoid injuries and create fitness regimens. 

Be active in training programs 

You’ve started your job as a trainer, so you’ll need to go through OJT training, which can help you learn more about training. Depending on your employer, it could take from a week to a few months.

Make a resume

You need to emphasize your work experience, education, and related certifications. You can also include related skills and hobbies to attract trainees.

Networking in the personal training industry

Whether you are self-employed or you work for a gym, you should promote your services to attract more trainees. Besides, you can ask your clients to introduce you to others. As a result, you’ll have a lot of clients even if you work for yourself.

The best personal training certifications in Canada

 Experience and knowledge play essential roles in our lives. Having several skilled personal trainers, HappyTrainers is a unique platform for training clients and can take you where you want in the best way. Even if you’re a trainer, you can register on You can promote yourself and get lots of potential clients and make a fortune. However, it would help if you projected yourself as a potential coach everyone can count on. Apart from that, you can gain fitness and health promotion as well as the trainees. If you promote yourself and get certified and qualified, you can become a fitness trainer in Canada.

 To do so, you should pass some courses to improve your fitness career, and here are some of the best ones you can give. Even international students can go for them;

1. Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES)

 Founded in 1983, it’s a perfect place where trainers can meet their fitness goals. There are plenty of courses for coaches, and they can improve themselves after these courses.

2. Canadian Fitness Professionals (Canfitpro PTS) Since 1993, it’s been the primary certifying agency for fitness coaches in Canada. You can also find it in 25 other countries. With this, you can improve your business skills.

3. Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) Founded in 1967, it’s one of the oldest places to promote health and fitness as a fitness coach. You should at least have two years of related studies in sports or exercise science to get this certification. You need to take this practical exam to get this certification among the best personal trainer certifications.

4. Certified Professional Trainers Network (CPTN) Since 1993, it’s been one of Canada’s oldest certifying agencies in the fitness industry. It’s provided the trainers with a diverse range of courses in health and fitness.

5. National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) One of the most popular certifying agencies in the US, its certifications are valid and accepted throughout North America. They mainly focus on strength training and corrective exercise. Also, they pay attention to safe exercise.

6. Fit Chicks Academy The name indicates that this academy provides a certification program and qualifications for women to work with women. Founded in 2008, it supports women and creates a better place.

7. The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), One of the essential American associations, provides trainers with different beneficial courses in the fitness industry. Since 1988, it’s been famous both in the US and worldwide.

How can your certifications help you?

As said above, having a certification in fitness can help you project yourself. Plus, your clients will rely on you more. Apart from that, especially when you’re a fitness trainer, you work independently. As a result, people will judge the book by its cover. You’ll need the certifications to show them who you are and your abilities to get more credible. Consequently, if you want to become a personal trainer in Canada, go for the certificates.

Another point to mention is that you can boost your career by getting certified. You should know that getting qualified cannot make you the best personal trainer. Your experience and hard work can make you an excellent personal trainer. Meanwhile, qualifications can only help you be more reliable and professional.

The most important factor in getting certified is that you can be approved for Personal Training Insurance from insurance companies. 

Further requirements

As we said in 7 Ways To Be A Better Personal Trainer, you need to know how to work online since maybe your clients want online courses with you. So, choose a suitable online platform and learn how to perform online courses.

Also, you should know that it’s not all about money. You should support your clients and be by their side. Moreover, you should identify with your clients. Many of them are amateurs, and they don’t know anything. So, it would be best if you coached patiently and correctly.

Another crucial thing is to provide your clients with individualized programs that fit their goals and needs. Finally, get experienced and qualified to have the best training sessions with your clients. Fulfill your client’s dreams and become a personal trainer in Canada.

How much does it cost to become a personal trainer in Canada?

To become a fitness coach in Canada, you might need to spend about $600, including courses, study materials, theory and finally a practical exam, and so forth. Of course, other costs can be added; therefore, set aside some money if you want to make it and become a good coach.

Do we need to be certified to work as a personal coach in Canada?

Being certified is not a must but a beneficial thing. If you are approved, you are more credible and reliable. the main reason to gain a reputable certification is you can then be approved for Personal Training Insurance from insurance companies. This is important because personal trainer insurance provides protection from the costs associated with lawsuits or claims against you or your business.

What is the best personal training certification in Canada?

You can get lots of certifications to become a personal trainer in Canada. Depending on the field of your fitness training, e.g., if you’re a strength trainer, weight loss coach, or someone like that, you can choose what certifications or qualifications will suit you best. Don’t forget! It would be best if you got your credentials through a well-known provider. Here is a list of potential reliable certificates;

  • Canadian Fitness Education Services (CFES)
  • Canadian Fitness Professionals (Canfitpro PTS)
  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP)
  • Certified Professional Trainers Network (CPTN)
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)
  • The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)
  • Fit Chicks Academy

What specialties and qualities does a personal coach need?

Apart from certifications, you’ll need to know how to work independently. You should also know how to teach people. Besides, you need to know your stuff and perform well so that your client learns everything properly. As one of the fitness leaders, you need to know physiology, psychology, and fitness. Moreover, it would be best if you were supportive of your clients. You can implement other points to become a personal trainer in Canada.



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