Is it too old to become a personal trainer?

too old to become a personal trainer
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 To be a fitness trainer, especially when you’re older, you need to meet specific requirements. There’s no age limit for that, though. It mainly depends on the type of physical activity you want to go for. First things first, you should have great physical strength and stamina. Necessarily you don’t need to lift weights or something like that. You need to perform what you want to train well.  Moreover, as we said in How does online personal training work, you ought to be certified. More importantly, you need to be specialized in a field of training you want to do.

 Plus, you ought to find a job. Many people, significantly older potential clients, want a more senior personal trainer to work with. They feel more comfortable with a senior coach.  To add up, as mentioned in How to be a better personal trainer, you’d better keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date. The more you learn, the better it will be. You need to know about your field, but you should also learn how to work online since some clients look for an online coach.

 No matter how old you are. You’re never too old to become a personal trainer as long as you have that passion and determination. So don’t hesitate to do it if you are passionate to get this dream job.

Limitations and barriers for old personal trainers

 Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in daily life is to keep your mind young.

 There are also more challenges for an old personal trainer, but we want to prove they can make it. As said above, age is no concern. Here are more challenges;

  • Too old to do physical activity: As long as you have that urge, power, and stamina, you can go about doing personal training. Therefore, you’re never too old to become a personal coach.
  • Not confident: If you have made up your mind to start this career path at an older age, you shouldn’t hesitate. Just believe in yourself and start it as soon as you can.
  • Stereotypes about personal training business: The stereotypes for fitness trainers say that they are young and in shape. Besides, they have perfect bodies. Therefore, they can make being a great personal trainer. The thing is, it’s not necessarily true. Research indicates that a personal trainer is about 40 on average. You can become a fitness trainer at 40 or even more, based on the statistics.

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Where and how to start?

 You might be one of those career changers who want to have new career choices, which can be a career in fitness or, let’s say, a career in health. This is your active goal, so go for it, but don’t forget that you need to have many things, such as a fitness certification. Let’s take a look at the items you need to start this job;

Getting certified is a must!

  A trainer certification can definitely help you. If you want this career in retirement, it’s a good idea to pass some certification courses. It would help if you survived in the fitness business, so go for personal trainer certification to stay in this competitive business.

Get certified online

 You can choose a personal training certification program online. In this way, you don’t have to leave your place and waste your time. You can get certified in a period of time at home. 

Get specialized

 You should be accomplished in this business. Once you start this path, you should specialize in a specific field of training. For instance, senior fitness can be quite a good catch for you. When you are accomplished in a specific field, you’ll perform better.

Learn and learn

 All coaches need to level up no matter how old they are. Therefore, stay on top and pass as many courses as you can. As long as you know more in a field, you’ll do it more properly.

 Besides, you need to learn how to work with online apps like Skype, since many clients might want an online training session. It’s easy to learn the ropes of working with these apps. Just get someone to explain how to work with it. It’s as easy as ABC.

Get a job

 There are lots of gyms that hire senior coaches. Later, in this article, we’ll discuss the reason why a client wants a senior trainer in detail. Many clients would like to hire a senior trainer. You just need to try more to get some clients since you have started this business later than other coaches. 

How old is a personal trainer on average?

 In the US, take as an example, it’s approximately about 37 or 38. The average age of becoming a personal trainer is about 40 worldwide. Trainers in their thirties or forties are the chief part of the experts. As a result, it’s considered late when a person becomes a personal trainer after 50. However, you’re not too old to become a personal trainer as long as you desire to be one. It would help if you got accomplished and went for it.

 Another point is that personal coaches work for 14 years on average in the US. If you start this dream career in fitness training late, you might not work for 14 years. It’s a good catch for you, especially when you’re retired. You might not need the income, though.

Why look for an old personal trainer?

 There are some reasons why some people look for an old personal trainer. These reasons show that you’re not too late to become a personal trainer. Here are the reasons;

  • These trainers are experienced. Not everyone wants a young trainer. As they say, experience is the best teacher. As a result, an accomplished trainer can be your best teacher, and you’ll have more efficient sessions with them. There’s nothing more valuable than experience. They might have less experience in this field, but the point is they have life experience
  • The trainers are mature and professional. They know their stuff better as they are older. This is what many people search for when it comes to hiring a trainer.
  • Senior clients tend to have a trainer near their age. Some old clients have specific fitness goals and look for a coach near their age. Thus, they’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable. They’ll feel more confident when they have the company of the one with whom they have something in common with.
  • There are no excuses. Some people take up sessions with older fitness trainers since they can’t make any excuses. They keep on working out and never give up. It’s because their coach is an older adult, and they’ll lose face if they retreat.
  • You’ll be more motivated. As said above, when your coach is older, you’ll get more serious. Besides, you’ll do physical activity more enthusiastically because you think your trainer has started their fitness career at an older age which is arduous. Therefore, they’ll urge to do the exercise programs better and more effectively.
too old to become a personal trainer

Why do older people go beyond?

 Older people who are into physical activity and interested in this career never think that it’s too late to be a coach, and here is what they say about what they do and how they feel. Consequently, you as well, shouldn’t think it’s late or you’re too old to become a personal trainer. 

 The ones who enter this field at an older age want to maintain their strength and stamina. They also would like to demonstrate an encouraging example for those who don’t believe in themselves and think they can’t make it when aging.

 Another reason is that they have true passion, so they can’t stop the urge to go for a personal training program. Mostly, older trainers don’t need the income in their life. Also, they know more about their client’s aches and pains since they have been through the same pains while exercising. Moreover, they would like to be a role model and inspire their clients. Start this job and be a great motivation for the ones who need inspiration.


 Age is a number. No matter how old you are. If you have decided to get into this business, you can simply do it. No worries. It’s never late to start something.

 Plus, you as a senior trainer, want to maintain your strength and that’s why you want to give it a try. Also, you want to be a role model for many young and old individuals. 

 Moreover, there are many individuals who have an urge to work with a senior coach as they can identify with them. another point is that senior trainers know more about the clients’ pains as they have somehow experienced them. 

 The most important point to pay attention to is that if you really tend to start fitness training at an older age, you can do it, but you need to improve and level up. You should go for personal trainer certification programs. The more you learn, the more successful you are in this career.

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