My Night Walking Journey: What to Consider?

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This article has been reviewed by certified personal trainer Carrie Tredwin-Rolinger scientifically and practically.

It was a big decision for us. And finally, it happened. My buddy and I are so tied up like other busy bees running and rushing in the streets, even at night. But now, I can claim a big difference between us. The difference is a night-walking plan made for every other night.

 Night vision, bright light, streets at night, and burning extra calories are just a tiny part of what night walking gives us. Here is our story about walking in the heart of the night and its dos and don’ts.

Essentials for night walking plan

 A question may have arisen for you about why you have taken so long to prepare for night walking. The point is there are some dos and don’ts when it comes to night walking.

 At first, my friend and I were used to taking a walk during the day. But we noticed that if we run in the sunlight, our body will lose water. So, we thought of taking a walk at night. Moreover, we love the mass of lights and the city at night. We are all free and relaxed at night to exercise.

 By the way, my friend lives near the beach. Walking on the coastal paths and watching people who put on hats with LED lights is the opportunity that my friend’s location gives us at night walking. Absolutely, walking in the greenery, just like where I live, is so fascinating. All places for night walking have some regulations in common, which we should consider;

Recognizable at night

 We were all set to take a walk at night. But my friend was like, “ The routes we want to take are not light enough!” As a result, we took two hi-vis vests so that drivers and motorists could recognize us. We also used some shoe clip lights to grab the drivers’ attention while walking. You can buy them at

 You, as a nightwalker, can also put on some neon-color shirts. When you’re recognizable, it’s less risky to go out for a walk at night since the drivers can see you.

walk at night with beon color shirt

Light with us

 There came another night walking for us. This time, we took the way through the jungle near my place. Reflective gears were not enough there. Everywhere was as dark as night, and we couldn’t see anything. We turned on the flashlight on our phones.

 From that journey onwards, we were more equipped and had a couple of headlamps. These headlamps with long battery life came in handy, and we took them everywhere, from the jungles around my place to the coastal paths near my friend’s. Not only was it to light up the way, but it was also to get the drivers’ attention so that they didn’t hit us.

What to consider at night walking?

 We encountered a group of guys on one of our night walking tours. One of them, an expert tour guide, came up with some safety rules for night walking. Here’s what he said;

  • Walk on safe routes; Take sidewalks if there are any. Also, don’t take deserted routes where you can get harmed by strangers, bumps, potholes, etc.  Fear of strangers and fear of violence can get in the way of walking at night.
  • Choose the routes that others have tried before; you need to think twice before taking a route. Take the recommended ones. Take a well-lit path as you are short of vision at night.
  • Face traffic. You and the drivers in the street need to be able to see each other to react.
What to consider at night walking?

Wise routes

 Once, a professional runner asked me to pay close attention to two major issues related to night walking;

  1. Take safe routes that other individuals have already taken. You must make sure of the safety of the routes. For example, a path that is convenient and not bumpy. Or a way that is not hazardous. You can simply walk in shopping centers that have enough light.
  2. Never be alone. Always have company. It is safer to have a partner. There needs to be efficient route planning. Choose the ways that are not sloppy so that you have a fun night with your partner. Having a partner has another advantage too. They can make you more determined to go night walking.

Is that all?

 I have always had my friend as my best company. We’ve been through a lot. We’ve taken lots of walks. But there have been lots of more people around me who want to go night walking but they can’t due to some problems.

For example, this friend of mine is always snowed under. She is determined to exercise, though. She happened to visit, which is a perfect website with lots of professional trainers. She has taken up some sessions with them and is bound to exercise to be fit. This website seems so satisfying for her helping her get where she wants.

 It would be best if you got to exercise. Even if you can’t go night walking, you should get to move. And some individuals can go night walking, but the point is they are simply lazy and don’t want to move. Just go for it. No matter what. It would help if you moved to be healthy.

 Moreover, some people find it difficult to go for a walk, especially at night. Instead of night walking, you can have a treadmill at home to walk on. As we said in how to lose weight with a treadmill workout, you can use a treadmill and lose weight.

 Another point to mention is that some people just can’t walk at night due to some problems. Don’t limit yourself. Shift the time and walk in daylight.

Is it good to walk at night?

FAQs About Night Walking

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