Best time to do yoga? Is it morning or evening?

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You might think you need to do yoga to relax and get away from tension. A question might arise. What’s the best time to do yoga? It differs from person to person. There’s no time rule when it comes to yoga. It would be best if you did it when it best serves you.

 Yoga is not a one-day practice. It would help as long as you did a consistent practice once you started it. Most individuals who get to do yoga choose it forever. Therefore, it’d be a part of your routine life, and you’d do it regularly. Maybe you’ll have a daily practice.

 According to your personal life, mood, and program, you’ll choose the best time applicable to you. Here’s the benefit of yoga in different parts of the day. Of course, there’s no perfect time, and it depends on you.

Morning yoga

 As said above, there’s no ideal time to do yoga. But the point is many people prefer to do regular morning practice for physical activity. Apart from that, morning yoga is beneficial. It can boost your energy levels. Plus, it will improve your metabolism and mood. Besides, morning is the first part of the day, so you probably won’t miss your yogic practices. As a result, it can be a part of your morning routine.

 On the other hand, you might not be that flexible in the morning. Moreover, if you are a morning monster, you might not find it enjoyable.

There are different types of yoga poses. For instance, one of the types of poses is Sun Salutations. The interesting point is that you can do this to link it with the morning and the shining sun in the sky. Go on your yoga mat and have a great practice.

Afternoon yoga

 Some individuals might be busy in the morning, so they prefer to choose afternoons as one of the best practice times. Besides, your body is more flexible at this time of day. Also, it’s an optimal time of day to make your mind free of tension. Therefore, you can take on the rest of the day and do other activities with a relaxed mind. So, your stress levels will decrease.

 Depending on your body and energy, it can be one of the best or worst times of day to do yogic practices. If you’re energetic enough, it can be an optimum time. If not, don’t do it in the afternoon.

 On the contrary, it can make some people tired to exercise with their yoga teacher at this time of day. Moreover, at this time, you are probably hungry to do yoga. Consequently, you might skip it to have lunch.

Evening yoga practice

 Many people are more relaxed and energetic in the evening. Also, it’ll help your digestive system digest the food you have eaten faster. Plus, it’ll make you calmer. Therefore, you can sleep better and more efficiently as it can help you relax and unwind. So, you can do yoga before bed.

 The thing is, for some individuals, evening practices can disrupt their sleep. Plus, you might be too worn out to practice at this time, so you might skip it to go to bed. Even if you don’t miss it, you might not be able to do vigorous yogic practices due to tiredness. Plus, some peers tend to do relaxing and soothing yogic practices, which get in the way of their evening routine and might make them doze off.

Evening yoga practice
Evening yoga practice

Dos and don’ts

As we said, there is no best time to do yoga. The only thing you need is a yoga mat. It’s also perfect to have a yoga teacher who can guide you and give you excellent yogic practices.

 No matter what time of day you want to practice yoga. You should relax and make your mind calm as a yoga practice only needs your focus so that you can do it perfectly. Find a quiet place. Focus, and do your daily rituals.

Comfortable position and comfortable clothing are of great importance because, in yoga, you need a lot of focus and relaxation. If you wear uncomfortable or tight clothes, it’ll probably stop you from exercising.

 The important thing is that you shouldn’t exercise after your meals since it can lead to some problems such as; bloating, cramping, nausea, reflux, and so on. As a result, you should wait for about 2 or 3 hours after your meals, especially huge ones.

 Another point is that you shouldn’t practice yoga under direct sunlight, especially in the heat of summer. So, if you choose to do morning yoga, it’s a better idea to do it indoors or do your practices before sunrise.

 Finally, don’t do intensive yoga poses unless you are professional or under your yoga teacher’s supervision.

Best time to do yoga for you

 The ideal time of day for yoga practices depends on you. You should find the best time according to your program. Take as an example. You might be an employee who cannot have a yoga session in the morning. You might be tied up, and therefore, maybe you can do it only at night.

 Just don’t ignore doing it and go for it. Don’t make an excuse. Find a suitable time and have your yogic practices with ease of mind.

 The critical point is that if you are willing to practice between mealtimes, bear in mind that you should wait for about 2 or 3 hours after eating.

 It can be a good idea to consult with your yoga teacher. Based on your personal life, program, mood, and some other factors, they can help you find the best time of day to do yoga.


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