Personal trainers for seniors, a must

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This article has been reviewed by certified personal trainer Paul Sawh scientifically and practically. 

When exercising, your trainees can be children, the elderly, or the youth. If your clients are the elderly, it’s a bit different, and you need to be more patient or maybe more responsible. Dealing with a man or woman who is 70 years old can be tricky. Some are so fragile, so, as one of the personal trainers for seniors, you need to know the techniques to work with these guys. As long as you are cautious about them, it’ll be straightforward, and you can keep on smoothly.

The excellent point is that you will train your elderly clients individually. Therefore, there’s more time and focus on them. Stay with us to learn the ropes of working with the seniors.

Senior personal training is not effortless

  There’s no such thing that training for seniors is not challenging. Compared to training the youth, it’s much more difficult since some seniors may face a lot of limitations, diseases, and discomforts.

 Many factors get in the way of training aging people. According to those factors, personal trainers for seniors should set suitable exercises for them so that they don’t get injured and have safe workouts. The trainer should know their stuff as any exercise that doesn’t fit the elderly might lead to a bad injury. Training with seniors is more sensitive because if they get physically injured, they might never be able to recover. Some might not have a very flexible body, and a minor injury can hurt them.

 Don’t panic. If you’re an elderly guy, you can choose an accomplished personal trainer who helps you move forward. Nothing should stop you from exercising.

Fitness for Seniors

 Working with seniors is entirely different since your focus is on those not as strong as the youth. Apart from that, some of them might have Parkinson’s disease, pain, etc. More importantly, they might have undergone a stroke or surgery. All these make this group a specific one. Therefore, they should be given exercises that best fit their needs and situation. Fitness professionals should check the fitness program thoroughly.

 Another point is that, as we said in 8 considerable benefits of personal training, everyone has a goal in hiring a personal trainer, and the elderly are no exception. They might want to be healthy. Plus, they’d like to have flexibility, enough stamina, and endurance. Gain their trust and know their limitations. After that, they can move forward smoothly and reach their fitness goals. Consequently, their quality of life is improved in this way.

Assess the fitness level before training

 As we said in What happens in the first personal training session, a fitness specialist needs to assess the clients’ fitness and movement levels. This step is much more significant for seniors, so you need to be very cautious and meticulous at this point. Moreover, their general health condition and any disease should be detected in advance. You’ll need their medical history as well.

 As mentioned above, it would be beneficial if you found out how flexible they are. Also, it would be best if you examined their strength and endurance. If you do so, you’ll know their weaknesses, and as a result, you can prevent them from any injuries. Bear in mind that the presence of a physical therapist in all steps is a must.


Range of motion in the elderly

 Please pay close attention to your senior trainers and have them under your scrutiny. You should examine all their movements and observe all their activities. The form, stamina, and training goals should be checked. Whenever they work, you need to check if they are doing them correctly or not. Keep an eye on their body parts and see if, for instance, they are moving their hip or back properly.

 Ask them to do things slowly as some of them might not be as flexible and robust as the youth. Don’t push them beyond their limits and let them do the workouts with ease of mind.

Identify with them

 Whoever your clients are, the seniors or the youth, you need to identify with them as they are naive and need your constant support. The elderly are more significant as the workouts might be tough for them. They might not like the exercises or some of them might not feel strong enough to do them. That’s where your part as a personal trainer is essential.

 Reassure them that you are by their sides all through the journey. Be supportive and patient and ask them to do the activities without any worries.

 Create a plan based on their needs and fitness level. Besides, motivate them and give them feedback. You can give them that boost and confidence by saying, “ You’re doing great.” Or, “ You’ve improved a lot since the first session.” In this way, they don’t feel helpless and incapable.

The best exercise for the seniors

  Some elderly are not flexible as to when they were young. But the point is they can do workouts to stay healthy. If they do activities under the supervision of a personal trainer, it can help them as they can lower the risk of injuries. Different workouts apply to the elderly: flexibility, endurance, balance, and strength.

Aerobic workouts for the elderly

 The elderly should do 2 to 5 hours of aerobic workouts weekly. Here’s a list of these activities;

  • Nature walking: One of the best types of cardio for seniors, it is excellent for older adults since they can change the time, pace, or distance based on their stamina. The elderly can also use a walker or cane if they cannot walk easily.
  • Water walking: Being trendy among the elderly, it’s perfect for those in agony as water makes your joint soothe.
  • Dancing: It’s also one of the best forms of cardio. It can regulate seniors’ heart rate. Plus, it can boost your balance and strengthen your muscles.
  • Cycling: It’s a good form of cardio as well. No matter if you’re using an outdoor or indoor bike. It will increase your blood flow and improve your heart and lung function.


Strength training workouts for seniors

 It’s pretty tricky for most elderly to stand up without giving a hand. If they start doing exercise training, they can be able to do activities related to their strength gradually. Here’s the list of some strength training workouts for seniors;

  • T-Rows
  • Sit to stand
  • Bridge

Flexibility exercises for the older adults

 As you know, some elderly are not as flexible as the youth. To boost their flexibility, they need to take up some related exercises. Here’s a list;

  • Knee extension stretch
  • Pec stretch at the wall
  • Hip flexor stretch


Are the personal trainers for seniors certified?

  As we said in how to be a better personal trainer, you should be certified whether you train the youth or seniors. It can help you gain more trust. Plus, you can monitor your clients more effectively and be one of the best personal trainers for seniors.

Is it possible to improve flexibility after 70?

 Whether old or young, you can obtain flexibility at any age. Moreover, it’s less likely for you to get injured after you gain flexibility in the future.


Is it possible to improve flexibility after 70
An elderly under close supervision

Can a 70-year-old guy get in shape?

  You can boost strength and muscles at any age, even a senior. Don’t be hopeless and get to training as soon as possible. Once you start, you’ll be in shape and fit as a fiddle.

How do you train the elderly?

 As a personal trainer, you need to plan for your clients, especially seniors. Whoever your clients are, older adults or the youth, you should plan for them based on their needs and fitness level. Also, it would be best if you were supportive and patient.  Another critical factor is that you should supervise them closely and watch their steps in detail.

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